For every hair problemÖMario Hachem offers a solution.

Oily scalp, tired or torn tresses, frizzy flyaways and limp locks result from busy lives in modern times. Stress, fatigue, anxiety, unbalanced nutrition, emotional instability and of course pollution, heat and air conditioning all affect hairís health and appearance. Unfortunately, thereís no escaping environmental and social conditions. There is, however, the perfect remedy for hair ailments, with properly prescribed products from Mario Hachem highly advanced, ultra-gentle hair care collection. Each product in the Mario Hachem line has been scientifically formulated to restore hairís natural balance while generating beautiful, healthy results.

The Mario Hachem collection is based on international hair expert Mr Hachemís conviction that intensive research and development must be used to create the most innovative and effective formulations available in the vast hair care marketplace. By seeking out special ingredients-ranging from soy proteins (to help fight the problem of hair loss) to green clay (to tackle oily scalp) to shea butter, an extract from the nut of a rare African tropical tree (to repair damaged and dry hair), Mario Hachem tirelessly searches for and selects the most highly unique and effective formulations. The entire Mario Hachem collection is carefully organized by hair types and problems. The Mario Hachem shampoos, conditioners and more intensive treatments work synergistically. Weekly treatments attack and solve intensive hair problems and add effectiveness to the daily core shampoos and conditioners, which are vital to maintaining healthy looking lustrous locks.





Mario Hachem has developed these specific treatments: